Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winners of the 24-hr BP Gas Card Giveaway

Thank you all for your wonderful tips on saving gas at the 24-hr BP Gas Card Giveaway. A little savings here or there really add up!

And on to the's fabulous picks!!!

The two second place winners of a $5 BP Gas Card each are:
#3 - Pooh Bear's Mommy who said,

"I save money on gas by taking the commuter bus to work...I live in Columbia, MD and work in Washington, DC (about a 45 minute drive without traffic)...the bus picks up about a mile from my house and drops me off about a 1/2 block from my office...I spend less on gas now than when I worked 10 minutes from home."

#5 - Painted Jeans, who said,

"Saving Money on Gas become the focus of our life, when gas was over $4.50 a gallon, and we only get 9 mpg! But, when we really tried, we actually starting spending less on gas than we did when it was $2 a gallon. We always used our Kroger card to get 10 cents off per gallon. We only drove on days we absolutely had to, and then tried to play ALL of our errands for that one day. We almost completely stopped eating out and going places that were unnecessary. I also planned my route to Wal-Mart to avoid stop lights and big hills, and doing this increased my average to 11 mpg. Where there's a will there's a way! Sad thing is, now that gas is cheap again, I'm back to my old habits, and still spending the same amount... since I'm hitting the malls & restaurants a little more often!"

And the grand prize winner of $15 in BP Gas Cards is:
#2 - Mommy!!! who said,
"favorite way to save money on gas... stay home. Plus it's much easier to stay home with two litte one's anyways. LOL"

Once again, great ideas everyone! Thanks to BP and BzzAgent who made this giveaway possible! I'll be mailing out the gift cards tomorrow! Congratulations winners!

Stay tuned to more giveaways, product reviews and consumer tips!

To learn more about gas saving and car maintenance, go to BP's website.

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  1. Haha, you'd think that with five entries, the odds would be in my favor :)

    Oh well!! :)