Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Walmart Online Consumer Panel

I love giving my opinion as most of you know. I belong to a few consumer panels, but when I found out on IMommies about Walmart's Online Consumer Panel, I immediately rushed over to the site and signed up!

How exciting to get gift cards (who knows what the denomination will be, but even $5 is nice!) and other prizes to just give something I like to do anyway! Around here, we got to Walmart at least twice a week. It is our one-stop shop. Groceries, household and personal items, everything! It makes it quite easy to shop, so the gift cards would be quite useful in our household!

Thanks to iMommies, I find some of the greatest deals out there, whether it be coupons or consumer panels, I know I am in good hands searching their site or adding them to my google reader. Check them out for yourself!