Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sometimes you just want to relax and watch the "talking tube", yet nothing is on! That is when Netflix is a great service. They have various packages to suit your movie watching desires and size of your wallet. You can stack up several movies and wait until that day of boredom arrives (without incurring late fees), and the little red envelopes are just waiting for you to open them up and enjoy a show!

I love how I can put a bunch of movies in my queue and as soon as they receive my last one watched, a new one is sent out to me. No going to the store and standing in line, no worrying if you have the right change or enough in your bank account. No, you don't get to choose instantly like you do if you go into a store, but you also don't have to wonder if the movie will be available either.

One con to the
Netflix program is the movies available to view online. There isn't a great selection, so you must really be desperate or willing to watch something different, which isn't always a bad thing. It's good to broaden your horizons, right?

Another reason to try Netflix is that they give you a 2 week free trial period. Take note, they know who you are, so you won't be able to sign up several times to keep getting the trial, but once is still a great deal.
Also, if you cancel, there are no fees, and they will keep your queue for you! All you have to do is sign up again (and again, no fees) and your queue is just waiting for you.

I haven't tried Blockbuster online yet, but have heard that they don't compare to the empire Netflix have become.

Have you tried Netflix or Blockbuster online? What do you like or dislike about these programs?

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